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Our professional group of individuals have been servicing Simcoe County, York and GTA regions since 2006.  Our Senior Therapists and Instructor Therapists travel to and from your home for therapy sessions so your child can remain in their natural environment in which they are comfortable and have a higher probability of learning and gaining new skills.  For families living within Simcoe County, we offer Center-based sessions, Academy based learning and Youth Transition skills.  All learning takes place either individually in one to one treatment sessions, or small groups based upon your child's needs. Our agency is approved under the Ontario Autism Program (O.A.P)

Our DFO Clinical Psychologist is Dr. James Porter (C.Psych, BCBA)


Amanda Baysarowich, Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Addictions Treatment and Prevention (ADTP), Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)

Owner/Director of IBI Behavioural Services (Founder of IBI Behavioural Services Inc.)

Jolyne Deschenes Lawson, Child and Youth Worker (CYW)

Clinic Supervisor, Assessor, Senior Therapist, PEAK Certified, NVCI International Trainer


Ashley Winter, Hons. Bachelor of Psychology

Clinic Supervisor, Senior Therapist,  Assessor, PEAK Certified

Navroop Komal, B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Autism Behavioural Science (ABS)

Academy Supervisor,Senior Therapist, Assessor, Group Skills Facilitator, Instructor Therapist, PEAK Certified

Delena Niskanen, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Education

Clinic Supervisor, Senior Therapist, Group Skills Facilitator, PEAK Certified


Anna Hayes, B.A. English, Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS), ASL Certified

Clinic Supervisor, Senior Therapist

Amber Boychuk, Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist

Hope Timmons

Office Manager

Amanda Giberson, SLP, Reg.ONT

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)


Elisa Reeve Hall,  O.T. Reg.On

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Jeanne-Marie Brennan, M. ADS

Senior Therapist - Durham Region

Rebecca Joffe, B.A., Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS), PEAK Certified

Senior Therapist - GTA Region


Aimee Caston, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Early Childhood Education (ECE), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Ontario College Certified Teacher (O.C.T.)

Aimee Ware, Bachelor of Arts; English & Sociology

Ala Dobrovolschi, B.A. Psychology, Autism Behavioural Science (ABS), Registered Behaviour Tech (RBT)

Alexandra Gannon, Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Alexis Shand, Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Allison Dove, B.A. Honours in Child and Youth Studies, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Ontario College Certified Teacher (O.C.T)

Ally Berendson, Child & Youth Worker Advanced Diploma (CYAC)

Alysha Colpitts, Child and Youth Worker (CYW)

Alyssa Millar, Developmental Services Worker (DSW)

Amanda Nicholls, Behavioural Science Technology

Amanda Prince, BA Psychology, BA Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Andrea Smithyes, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.,Honours), Registered Behaviour Tech (RBT)

Ariel Meshorer, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Child and Youth Care (CYC)

Brianna McFarlane, Developmental Service Worker (DSW)

Brittany Boland, In Progress Honours BA - Psychology/Child and Family Studies


Brittney Manganaro, B.A. Honours in Psychology

Brittni Merkelbach, B.A. Psychology, Child and Youth Care (CYC)


Carole-Anne King, B.A. English Literature


Cathy Castro, Microcomputer Management, Education Assistant


Chantal Mayo, BA Honours in Psychology

Chantle Maltese, B.A. Psychology, Autism & Behavioural Science (ABS)


Christine Bayliss, Bachelor of Arts, Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA), Group Skills Facilitator

Courtney Bertrand, Early Childhood Education (ECE)


Courtney Boorman, Child and Youth Worker, Advanced Diploma, Jr. Academy Teacher


Crystal Tillaart, Bachelor of Arts Sociology


Dayna Reid, Developmental Service Worker (DSW)

Delaney Jones, B.A. Anthropology, Learning Disability Specialist


Desiree Crooks, B.A. Honours in Psychology and Post Graduate Certificate in Infant Mental Health (IMH)


Desiree Sousa,  Behavioural Science Diploma 


Emily Clune, Early Childhood Education (RECE), Jr. Academy Teacher


Emily McMurray, Child & Youth Care Advanced Diploma with Honours (CYAC)


Ethan Rinaldo, B.SC Psychology


Hayley Banks, B.A. Education (B.Ed), Ontario College Certified Teacher, O.C.T, Center Programmer, Group Skills Facilitator, Senior Assessor


Hebba Hassan, Social Service Worker (SSW), Child and Youth Worker (CYW)

Hillary Fletcher, Therapeutic Recreation


Holly Clarke, Hons. Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology (BBP), Master of Professional Education (MPEd) ABA


Isabella Sousa, Honours of Bachelor of Science; Forensic Science


Jennifer Hall, Graphic Design


Jenya Makarashvili, Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Child and Youth Worker Advanced Diploma (CYW)


Jessica Brown, Registered Social Worker (RSW), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)


Jessica Day, Disability Management Certificate, BSc. Kinesiology


Jessica Ho, BA Honours in Child and Youth Studies, Bachelor of Education in Primary/Junior Division, Ontario Certified Teacher (O.C.T), Registered Early Childhood Education (RECE)

Jessica McTamney, Behavioural Science Advanced Diploma

Jordynn Chan, Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (B.R.L.S) Therapeutic Recreation


Kaitlyn Patterson, Occupational Assistant, Physiotherapist Assistant

Kathryn Brunton, Child and Youth Care Advanced Diploma (CYAC)


Kathryn Munro, Early Childhood Education (ECE)


Kelsey Collins, Bachelor Of Science (Therapeutic Recreation)


Kim Noble, Child and Youth Care Degree, Child and Youth Worker Advanced Diploma (CYW)


Kristen Albano, Honours Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Studies


Lauren Beaney, B.Sc in Kinesiology

Lauren Hall, In Progress Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology


Lauren McDonald, Social Services Worker (SSW)


Leeann Scott, B.A. Psychology, Autism Behavioural Science (ABS), Senior Assessor, PEAK Certified

Lisa Cancelli, B.A. Sports Psychology, B.Ed

Mackenzie Howlett, Child and Youth Care (CYC)


Marcella Scaccia, Early Childhood Education (ECE)


Maria Esther Santos, Child and Youth Worker (CYW), Registered Social Work (RSW), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Bachelor of Arts Spanish (BA)


Mariah Mesic, Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Meagan Cote, Bachelor of Arts specialization in Psychology


Megan Gravelle, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor Of Education (B.Ed), Ontario College Certified Teacher (O.C.T)


Nichole Hemming, Honours BA - Psychology/Child and Family Studies, Occupational Therapy Assistant/Physical Therapy Assistant (OTA/PTA)


Petrina Rocca, BASc. Psychology


Quincy Sutton, Social Services Worker (SSW)


Rachel Coutts, Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (B.R.L.S) Therapeutic Recreation


Raquel Turner, Family Support Resource Consultant


Rebecca Peart, Child and Youth Worker, Advanced Diploma (CYAC)


Riley Timmons, In Progress, Child & Youth Care Advanced Diploma (CYAC)


Robyn Currie, BSc in Kinesiology


Sandra Rukovo, Resource Teacher Certification, Early Childhood Education (ECE)


Sarah Gates, Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)


Sarah Marr, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Child and Family Studies


Shannon King, Early Childhood Education (ECE)


Shenene Wilton, Early Childhood Education (RECE)


Sofia Malpica Flores, in progress BA Linguistics with specialization in Developmental Psychology 

Taylor Askew, Registered Recreation Therapist, BASc Adult Development


Tracy Wallace, B.A. Sociology, Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)


Varda Siddiqui, BA.Honours Sociology, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) 


Wanda Rosales, Recreation Therapy, Autism Behaviour Science (ABS)


Whitney Vernon, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care

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