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Meet Our Team!

Our professional group of individuals have been servicing Simcoe County, York and GTA regions since 2006.  Our Senior Therapists and Instructor Therapists travel to and from your home for therapy sessions so your child can remain in their natural environment in which they are comfortable and have a higher probability of learning and gaining new skills.  For families living within Simcoe County, we offer Center-based sessions, Academy based learning and Youth Transition skills.  All learning takes place either individually in one to one treatment sessions, or small groups based upon your child's needs.

Our DFO Clinical Psychologist is Dr. James Porter (C.Psych, BCBA) - on the Approved Provider List for AccessOAP



Amanda Baysarowich, Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Addictions Treatment and Prevention (ADTP), Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)

Owner/Director of IBI Behavioural Services (Founder of IBI Behavioural Services Inc.)

Dr. James Porter

Clinical Psychologist, BCBA

Jolyne Deschenes, Child and Youth Worker (CYW)

Clinic Supervisor, Assessor, Senior Therapist, PEAK Certified, NVCI International Trainer


Navroop Komal, B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Autism Behavioural Science (ABS)

Academy Supervisor,Senior Therapist, Assessor, Group Skills Facilitator, Instructor Therapist, PEAK Certified

Delena Niskanen, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Education

Clinic Supervisor, Senior Therapist, Group Skills Facilitator, PEAK Certified


Amber Boychuk, Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Autism and Behavioural Science (ABS)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Assessor

Carole-Anne King, B.A. English Literature

Senior Therapist

Varda Siddiqui, BA.Honours Sociology, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) 

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Assessor

Kaitlynn Patterson, Occupational/Physiotherapy Assistant (OA, PA)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Assessor

Sachi Persaud-Kelly, BA Psychology, Addictions, Treatment and Prevention (ADTP)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Assessor

Brianna McFarlane, Developmental Service Worker (DSW)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Parent Coach, Assessor

Delaney Jones, Honours B.A. Anthropology, Masters of Education and Digital Technologies

IBI Private Academy Supervisor

Rebecca Peart, Child and Youth Advanced Care (CYAC)

Senior Therapist, Instructor Therapist, Assessor

Hope Timmons

Office Manager Consultant

Elisa Reeve Hall,  O.T. Reg.On

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Amanda Giberson, SLP, Reg.ONT

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)


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