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IBI Behavioural Services
Amanda Baysarowich
Director and Owner

Serving Simcoe County and York Region 


Our 3 locations can be found at:

Main ABA/IBI Treatment Clinic: (Saunders)

131 Saunders Road, Unit 3,4,5, Barrie Ontario

IBI Academy: (Academy)

Classroom Learning

131 Saunders Road, Unit 9, Barrie Ontario

IBI Private Academy (Ministry of Education School)

166 Saunders Road Unit 8, Barrie Ontario

Youth Transitional Skills & ABA/IBI Treatment Clinic: (Bayview)

680 Bayview, Unit 1 & 2, Barrie Ontario 

You Hub, Life Skills Program

131 Saunders Road Unit 9 Barrie, Ontario


Direct Contact: 1.705.309.6710

Main Clinic Telephone: 1.705.503.9563


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